“I Hate Doing Presentations!” – Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

This highly-effective learning event comprises two separate days of practical work.  It results in a significant increase in self-awareness and self-confidence when delivering presentations to groups.  Delegates bring their own presentations, hone them to perfection and practise them in front of the other delegates.  The group provides a warm and supportive environment where plenty of constructive feedback is shared.

Learning Aims

These two days have been created to inspire and support participants to think in new ways about how they develop and deliver presentations.  Delegates will be able to :

  • Explain the main factors of successful presentations
  • Demonstrate in practice some hints and tips which help with presenting technique
  • Deliver professional presentations with confidence

For Whom

This is designed for people at all levels who have to deliver frequent or occasional presentations either within work or to external groups.  It is suitable for people new to presenting and need to learn the basics.  It is also relevant for those who have had presentation skills training a while ago, have been doing it for some time and need to refresh their understanding of the factors of success and failure.

Day 1

o       Analysing fear of public speaking and developing personal confidence
o       Planning; design; creation; preparation; getting the message clear
o       Knowing your audience; creating the right climate
o       Spicing things up
o       Making an impression; staying in control; handling questions and difficulties
o       Hints and tips on professional delivery; presenting another’s material
o       Dealing with technical issues
o       Practical exercises including group feedback and playback on video camera
[Delegates “go forth and deliver” real presentations in the workplace]
Day 2 (4 – 8 weeks later)
o       Discuss learning points from live experience
o       Practical exercises including group feedback and playback on video camera
o       Perfecting the presentation

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